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AppzekStudio develops and publishes games for the web and mobile devices. In this policy. we may also refer to AppzekStudio as “We” or “Us”. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy and/or practices, please send an e-mail to


a/ Information for personalized ads, marketing, analytics:
Various data can be passed to our partners via their SDKs which we implement and use. We do not store nor process these personal data ourselves apart from passing it to our partners. Our partners provide several services for our game - mainly personalized ads and marketing, analytics of various aspects of game usage and performance and some additional game services (leaderboards, achievements, in-app purchases).

This is the information that the third party may collect:

  • IDFV for iOS devices and Android ID for Android devices
  • IP Address
  • Device manufacturer, model platform type (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, etc.)
  • Operating system, its version and language
  • Various device information (CPU information such as model, the number of CPUs present, frequency, and instruction set support flags; the graphics card type and vendor name; graphics card driver name and version (e.g., “nv4disp.dll”); which graphics API is in use (e.g., “OpenGL 2.1” or “Direct3D 9.0c”); amount of system and video RAM present; current screen resolution; sensor flags (e.g., device support for gyroscope, touch pressure or accelerometer))
  • Various game build information (version of the Unity Editor used to create the game;application or bundle identification (“app ID”) of the game installed)
  • unique advertising identifiers provided for iOS and Android devices (e.g., IDFA or Android Ad ID); and a checksum of all the data that gets sent to verify that it transmitted correctly.
  • events completed or actions taken within the game, including level, number of credits, time it took you to earn them, metadata about in-game communications and the value and details of purchases
  • And other data that you can check at the third party for detail as below:

To provide various game-related services like advertising service, achievement and leaderboard tracking, processing of in-app purchases, analytics of game/player activity and game performance.
Please refer to the Google privacy policy for the detailed data gathering information:

To provide optimized game experience and for analytical and statistical reasons - device, app and user data, advertising service.
Please refer to the Unity privacy policy for the detailed data gathering information:

To provide advertising and monetization platform.
Please refer to the Chartboost privacy policy for the detailed data gathering information:

b/ Information for customer Support:
When you ask for assistance from our Customer Support team, We will collect and store the contact information you provide (generally your name and e-mail address), information about your game play or activity on the Service. We will also store the correspondence and any information contained within.

Consent for gathering of personal data and passing it to the partners can be granted or denied on the first start of the game; given consent can be revoked later in the game settings (privacy policy section).

Not granting the consent will result in limiting/preventing the data to be processed (especially personal data). Even then, some non-personal data will be gathered and processed (refer to the privacy policies of our partners in section 2a). Opting out will not prevent ads from appearing, but they might be less relevant to the user interests.

User has the right to opt-out of certain uses and disclosures of personal data (for opt-out instructions refer to the privacy policies of our partners in section 2a). User has the right to access, rectification, erasure and restriction related to his/her personal data (refer to the privacy policies of our partners in section 2a).

For information regarding personal data retention period please refer to the privacy policies of our partners in section 2a.

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time for any reason. You are advised to consult this Privacy Policy regularly for any changes, as continued use is deemed approval of all changes.